Fordham Scouting Report

Looking at the Fordham program is all to eerily familiar to that of the Duquesne program in Ron Everhart’s first year. Fordham, along with Duquesne have been near the bottom of the Atlantic 10 standings for most of its existence. The  Dukes only came out of that slump after the hiring of Everhart. The Dukes were stuck in a rut under coach Danny Nee, who had no visible strengths in his ability to be a Division I head basketball coach. Nee, was neither a good recruiter, nor a developer of talent, nor a brilliant tactician. One would think that in order to be a successful coach, he or she must fulfill at least one of these characteristics. Unfortunately, for Duquesne fans Nee’s reign of terror lasted six years leaving a program without identity or direction.

Athletic Director Greg Amodio turned to Morgantown, West Virginia native Ron Everhart who had some success at McNeese State and Northeastern. Everhart brought with him a vision of a team that can compete in the Atlantic 10 based on a running style with tenacious defense. Over time his view has been implemented for better or worse. This task of instilling a plan  is what Tom Pecora is charged with in taking over the Rams.

Fordham is by far the poorest team in the league giving up 1.06 PPP and only scoring .933 PPP, but that is not Pecora’s fault. He has inherited a team of inadequate players that do not give him much opportunity for improvement. Despite this fact, I am not sure of Pecora’s plan. Looking back on his teams at Hofstra, there is no clear identity. Earlier in his tenure the teams were based on offense, but more recently Pecora’s Pride have been built around defense. Pecora’s style seems to be to prevent good shots rather than gamble for steals. For the past three seasons, Hofstra under Pecora finished under 50th in effective field goal percentage allowed.

Even this paltry Fordham team gives up an above average 48.1 percent effective field goal percentage. Nevertheless the defense is not good. Its worst attribute is its turnover rate, only turning the opposing team over 16.8 percent of possessions. On offense, the Rams are inefficient nearly across the board only being decent at three point shooting (177th) and in offensive rebounding rate (166th). The Rams’ bench is only six deep which should make it difficult for Fordham to run with the Dukes making even more likely the result of a Duquesne victory.


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