Dukes Impose Will on Dayton at Consol

The telling quote from Dayton coach Brian Gregory describing his team’s turnover problems in Sunday’s game, “We don’t’ turn the ball over. They’re doing it to everybody. Duquesne could play anybody in the country and they’re going to give them a game, and they’re going to win a lot of them.” Gregory’s team is the best in the country at avoiding turnovers but against the Dukes the Flyers turned the ball over 20 times. Duquesne was able to control the game forcing Dayton in to a 75 possession game, about 10 more than the typical Dayton affair. The Dukes played smart and Dayton did not. Duquesne got Dayon in foul trouble, including swing man Chris Johnson who has traditionally proved to be a tough matchup for the Dukes. On the offensive end, the Flyers would routinely get switches with the big man on a small guard and instead of giving the post man the ball the Dayton guards would drive to the basket creating an even two on two as opposed to the overmatched guard defending a much taller player. This happened nearly every time down the floor and the Flyers absolutely refused to accept that advantage (reason number 374 why guards suck). Overall the Dukes scored 1.089 PPP as compared to Dayton’s 0.850 PPP. If that is not total domination, I don’t know what is. The Dukes have now dominated Temple and Dayton. Bring on Xavier, Atlantic 10 beware.


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