Fan Scouting Report Results

The results of the fan scouting reports are posted here. We think T.J. McConnell is the best player on the team and that Saunders and Clark were second and third. Most of the results make good sense. I think we did a pretty good job.


2010-11 Duquesne Community Player Scouting Reports

Inspired by Tom Tango’s crowd sourced fan defensive scouting reports for MLB teams, I have come up with a project that I think will be fun for Dukes fans to take part in. Fans who follow a team closely are among the most qualified analysts of that team. So, I implore anyone who has followed the Dukes closely this season to provide his or her input to help get a better handle on the ability of the players.

I have created a survey with Survey Monkey dividing basketball related skills into nine different categories. Those are as follows…

Ball Handling: which measures how well a player can handle the ball

Passing: Measuring a player’s ability as a passer

Shooting: Measuring pure shooting ability

Creating: Measuring how well a player can create his own shot

Post Offense: Measuring how well a player can score from the post

Rebounding: Measuring how well a player is getting rebounds

Defense: Measuring how well a player plays defense considering all defense (man on man/playing help etc…)

Awareness: Measuring a player’s court awareness

Quickness: Measuring how fast a player is in basketball terms

You are asked to rank the players on the 20-80 scouting scale often used to rate baseball prospects. 50 equals an average division I player. The ratings then roughly go up or down by one standard deviation. In other words, if you are rating someone as a 60, that player better be at least in the 85th percentile for NCAA players (97th for a 70 rating and 99th for 80 rating). If you are stuck between two ratings, I would suggest that you round down.

I appreciate anyone who does the survey, and I hope you have fun with it. I’m looking forward to the responses.

To do the survey click here. It should only take a few minutes and you don’t have to sign up for anything.

Official Dukes Hoops A10 Tournament Contest

So, who is the smartest follower of the Atlantic 10 in Dukes nation? I have put together a predictable bracket with It will allow you to predict the outcomes of the games with its “Predict It” function. I will keep track of the standings here. I will get some kind of prize for the winner. I am not sure yet what, but it will likely be Atlantic City related because I’ll be there at the tournament.

Directions on how to join

Click here to go to the bracket.

Register and log in

Go back to the bracket page

Click on “Predict It”

Fill out the bracket and click “Enter”

It will be registered on the site

I will update the standings this weekend

A Need To Step Up My Game

Last year  I had a revelation. I realized that I enjoy reading blogs so much that Duquesne basketball, which was lacking such a venue, should have a good blog. Naturally, I volunteered myself for the job. I still think this can be good but I need to put in more effort. When I established this blog last season I saw that the Post-Gazette’s Colin Dunlap started one and he has access which I cannot compete with. He did an incredible job at P-G and they recognized his work giving him the Pirates beat writing job, once again leaving us without a blog. So, I have decided to dedicate myself to this project and post everyday. The Dukes deserve a blog and I will give them my best effort.