I use a number of advanced statistics on this site and I wish to be friendly to my readers so I will define some of them. I will try to explain my thinking on things but if my reasoning is not sound please call me out on it. Nonetheless, I will use some acronyms that will help me when writing.

PPP: Points Per Possession, This is the number of points scored by a team on each possession.

PPPA: Points Per Possession Against, This is the number of points scored byopposing teams on each possession.

OffEff: Offensive Efficiency. Number of points scored per 100 possessions

DefEff: Defensive Efficiency. Number of points given up per 100 possessions

Tempo/Pace: These mean the same thing. Number of possessions per 60 minutes played

eFG%: Effective Field Goal Percentage. This stat adjusts shooting percentage for 3 point attempts. It is calculated by taking (two point field goals + three point field goals) / (two point field goal attempts + 0.5*three point field goal attempts)

TS%: True Shooting Percentage. Like eFG% but it takes into account free throw shooting. It is calculated by Pts / (2 * (FGA+ 0.44 * FTA))

TO%: Turnover rate. The percentage of possessions that end in a turnover.

Oreb%: Offensive Rebounding Percentage. The number of possible rebounds grabbed by the offensive teams

FTA/FGA: Free Throw Rate. Amount of free throws divided by field goal attempts. This measures how effectively a team draws fouls and gets to the line.

Usage Rate: a measure of how many possessions a player is used. Usage Rate = {[FGA + (FT Att. x 0.44) + (Ast x 0.33) + TO] x 40 / tempo}


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